Motif seven: preparations for another pregnancy and you may birth prevention

Motif seven: preparations for another pregnancy and you may birth prevention

The participants mutual its agreements from an after that pregnancy. Of many failed to require other maternity and would use the latest injectable contraceptive to cease shedding expecting. The following estimates echoes the new feelings shared by the adolescent parents towards the future agreements off childbirth additionally the access to birth prevention:

Liking to own an injectable birth-control

Really users was in fact towards the brand new long acting injectable birth prevention that is a kind of contraception which is injected on the muscle tissue.

“I’m not probably has actually another kid any time in the future. I would like to use the step three-day injectable birth-control” (Thobeka, 17).

“I am not saying that have any longer pupils. I’m able to use the injectable birth-control and you can remind my wife to help you fool around with a beneficial condom” (Puleng, 18).

“I am not saying browsing has other infant right until I’m economically steady. I’m already by using the injectable birth control” (Yvonne, 16).

“I’m using the 3-day injectable contraceptive and i won’t have another baby soon. I’m able to done my personal highschool studies” (Thobile, 19).

Reluctance to utilize birth control

Specific people expressed insufficient trust from inside the birth control and additionally they had not chosen a contraception method of avoid various other pregnancy. The players including articulated explanations as to why they certainly were reluctant to use contraceptive. Next estimates depicts the latest reluctance off people to use beginning manage.

“I don’t want to has actually some other infant. I will not play with long pretending contraception or the pill because allows you to pounds, damages your skin layer and makes you search unsightly. I could use the day just after pill” (Harriet, 17).

“Several other pregnancy is beyond issue! I have zero believe inside the contraception. I have not felt like in the my coming arrangements away from contraceptive” (Olwethu, 18).

“I really don’t desire way more college students afterwards. I’ve too much obligation with my a few college students. I’ve lost trust in birth control. I want to carry out a beneficial ligation” (Sbahle, 18).


The goal of this study would be to speak about and higher discover teenage mothers’ perceptions off intimate risk habits. After the analysis collection and you may data, strong notion is actually elicited towards sexual wellness conclusion you to adolescent parents grabbed once its basic pregnancy. The newest seven chief templates that direct the discussion is actually: products you to subscribe to sexual chance behaviour, way of life (culture) rather than intimate risk delivering, sex strength and you can sex, thinking from love and you will personal dating, reproductive fitness attributes, prevention to stop a recurring adolescent pregnancy, and preparations regarding an after that pregnancy and birth prevention.

The present day analysis discovered that fellow pressure, alcohol and drugs, testing, myths about contraception influenced otherwise shaped teenagers sexual exposure actions. Furthermore, new media, worst parental supervision and you can stamina intercourse character, poverty causing transactional sex, this new vulnerability off little girls, and fear of lover getting rejected, in addition to resulted in the latest high-risk intimate conduct from kids. The new sexual chance habits out of teens try connected to ecological affects. Public agents for instance the family members, college or university, co-worker and you can social media about microsystem (quick ecosystem) played a task inside the leading to risky sexual actions.

Early in the day research has noted the fresh new impression out-of fellow tension one prompts teens to engage in risky intimate behaviour [step one, 19, 20, 46, 52]. Some of the teenage mothers within this studies reported that entertaining in the gender has been around since typical and you may is actually an excellent ‘fashion trend’. A survey by the Phaswana-Mafuya ainsi que al. also discovered that teenagers and you can adults seen adolescent pregnancy as normative and fashionable which means the newest ‘within the thing’ to complete. Clearly, kids within this district was very planning to participate in risky intimate actions according to the faith one their co-worker are involved inside equivalent habits, which implies you to teenagers model brand new opinion and you may conduct of its co-workers instead of the old-fashioned opinions of society.